Dear Pastor Prospect,

We are happy you are at this page and considering a position as pastor of our church. This web site contains the basic documents that describe our church and the type of pastor we are seeking.

There are four documents at this website:

  • A “Church Information Package” which provides a variety of information items about our church, its members, our role, our programs and the type of pastor we seek.

  • Recognizing that a multi-denominational church could take on many different forms, we have provided a document titled “Governance and Theology/Practices” describes these elements of our church in more detail.

  • A “Personal Information Form” is also available from this website. It is an “application” form that we will use for prospects that will insure we obtain consistent information among the candidates.

  • Since we are an independent, congregationally governed church, you may find it instructive to read our “By-laws”. A copy is also available on this web site.

If you are interested in being considered for the position, we would request that you familiarize yourself with the first two documents and provide us with a completed “Personal Information Form”. It would also be helpful if you could provide a video recording of one or more of your services ( online would be best but a DVD would also suffice). You may, of course, supply more information than is requested. You may email the form to our Search Committee at or mail it to David Robertson, PO Box 627, Kingsland, TX 78639. We will contact you about further interest after our committee reviews the information provided.

Some additional information about our church can be found at our main website: